Welcome CBI probe, BJP using issue as poll plank

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DySP Ganapathi’s family says they want justice for his ‘mysterious death’
I do, too. I did not harass him, I actually helped him, though I never told him or anyone else that. I welcome the CBI inquiry, I will cooperate fully. I want the truth to come out.

What is the truth, according to you?
It was a surprise for me when I saw Ganapathi’s TV statement (naming George as tormentor). The allegations were that I didn’t give him an executive post because Christian leaders complained to me about him in Mangaluru; and that I didn’t give him promotion. In September 2008, he was in charge of Mangalore. I became the home minister in 2013. When I went to Mangaluru, nobody complained about Ganapathi. He got an executive post as the inspector of Rajagopalnagar two months after I went to Mangaluru. Second, during my tenure, his file didn’t come for promotion as he was not eligible for it. I never denied anyone promotion.

The allegation is that Ganapathi asked you for help, when he was suspended, and you didn’t do it?
Ganapathi met me after (then police commissioner Raghavendra) Auradkar suspended him. The case was that Ganapathi had shown the theft as just Rs 20,000, when it was a much bigger amount. The entire sum was recovered but he kept three-fourths of it. Ganapathi told me it was not true. I said he should convince Auradkar and that I did not interfere in administrative matters. I think, he thought I was from Coorg, just like him, and I would help him. But I come from a family that has done big business for two centuries and I have very strong views against corruption cases. I have had no other contact with him, no personal acquaintance. Everything is there in the files.

But you are claiming you did help him?
The CBI had asked for permission to prosecute 46 police officers for lathicharging advocates (in March 2012). He was accused No.2 on that list. If I had signed that file, the lives of all those officers and constables, including Ganapathi, would have been ruined

Why did Ganapathi name you?
I think somebody put that idea into his head. He was in Mangaluru. Somebody must have told him, Christians are there, George is a Christian. So he must be harassing you.

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